Sneak Peek: Lanterns

Posted July 22, 2011 by Katie
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Planning decorations for a tent is hard, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Choosing lantern colors is also hard, if you ask me. Part of the reason it’s hard for me, in this instance, is the lack of general color scheme for my wedding.  I see colors and I like them and I decide I want them to be in my wedding palette. I also don’t like things that are so matchy matchy it looks like you’re trying too hard. See here. Blecgh. But no offence if color matching is your thing.

Another part of the reason is that I always see color palettes and think that the palettes themselves look so pretty that I want this to be our lantern color scheme:

This is what our rental company sent to me when I asked what our choice of lantern colors would be. The problem is that all of these together would look really stupid hanging in a tent. When I try to narrow it down a bit by trying to identify my favorite colors from among these, it’s the bolds that always pop out at me (obviously), which tricks my brain into thinking that I like them, and even if I do like them, they look ghastly in combination.

With Steve’s help, we settled on peach and ginger (delicious!) after seeing this photo in google and thinking that would probably work out for us. Here’s hoping for the best!



Sneak Peek: The Box

Posted July 21, 2011 by Katie
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I’m beginning a little series dedicated to some of the wedding details I’m particularly excited about. And I’m going to try and do more than just one of these. With the wedding approaching in just 44 days, or so Steve told me this morning, and having read many many wedding blog posts over the last 8 months, I just can’t help but do a little blogging myself these days.

The thing is, I really live more in my own head (and to some extent in what I read) than I ever really thought, and I’ve preferred not to put into writing what I’ve been thinking and feeling about my approaching wedding and marriage. These things change a lot from day to day. BUT I am getting excited, I can’t wait for the day to come, and there is a significant part of me that can’t wait for the whole thing to be over and I can just be married to Steve.  That’s not to say I won’t be crying when it’s done out of sadness that the whole thing is over.

To let loose a little of my excitement, and putting aside some of the stress and nerves, I’ll be writing some happy, albeit unlofty, posts about some of the details you might not notice if you’re coming to my wedding, but which 1) mean a lot to me, 2) I think are pretty, or 3) both. And with that, the box…

…which falls into category 2: I think it’s pretty.  I got it from the Etsy vendor HansCreations. This is the box that my soon-to-be niece (weee!), Alexa, will carry down the aisle containing our wedding rings. I love that it’s personalized with our initials, it’s something unobtrusive and practical that we can keep in our home together, it generally goes with our aesthetic of rustic/wood-y/outdoorsy, and you can’t see it from this picture, but it contains a little pad of moss inside to keep our rings snug and warm until we can put them on.

We were actually going to use something else to carry our rings on the wedding day that would have definitely been in category 1: my stuffed bear, Bear (that’s his name), that Steve gave me in 2009 after a ski trip he took. Bear was part of our engagement story (he stowed away in Steve’s suitcase on our way to London and followed us to Regents Park for Steve to hide the ring under). Because I do not actually have a pet, Bear is treated as my pet (and Steve is really good at playing along), so to me it seemed the same as when people have their dogs run down the aisle wearing bow ties.

But then we decided against this plan, partly because Alexa is a tween, and I feel like she might be sensitive enough having to fill a role in the ceremony traditionally held by toddler-age boys without having to also carry a stuffed animal during her moment of photographed glory.

That’s only a little bit the reason. I’m also really scared Bear would get lost in the hustle and shuffle after the ceremony, and I would be heartbroken. Bear represents something about out relationship that’s a little hard to put into words, but which involves silliness, secrets and surprises, intimacy, and comfort.

So I hope you like this alternative! (The pink in that photo is a new skirt I just bought on lunch break in my new favorite color.)

My Life List

Posted March 22, 2011 by Katie
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Inspired by the ladies at A Practical Wedding, and also because I just crossed off one of them, here’s my list-in-progress (credits to Steve for some suggestions):

  • take a hot yoga class (It was HOT)
  • Visit Greece
  • Visit Israel
  • Get married
  • Visit Italy (Rome, Venice, and Sicily at the least)
  • Start my own business of some sort
  • Get my own puppy (a pug, maybe)
  • Host a dinner party
  • Host a brunch
  • Learn a little Spanish
  • Run NYC marathon
  • See the aurora borealis
  • Go whale watching
  • Take an Alaskan cruise
  • Visit Hong Kong and walk down my old street
  • Stay at cottage in Canada for a whole month at a time, or more
  • Live in Seattle
  • Be involved in a food co-op
  • Join a CSA
  • See an active volcano

Updates to follow, so stay tuned as far as that goes. I also plan to  be blogging a little more these days. Big, fun changes happening in my life these days.

My Resolutions

Posted January 4, 2010 by Katie
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I’m sort of bummed the holidays are over.  I go back to work tomorrow for the first full day in 2 weeks, and I’m already going through some mental exercises that I hope will make it possible for me to get out of bed in the morning.

Now that I’ve had some time to reminisce about the last year, here’s what I resolve:

1. To stick to an actual budget each month, with a specific savings goal and limits on luxuries like bars, restaurants, and “non-essential” groceries like, um, booze and fancy cheese.

2. My obligatory health-related goal is to cut back on my 2 most unhealthy behaviors: eating too much of things like sugar and super-fatty things like, say, a pound of cheese in one sitting; and drinking too much too often. The details of this need still to be worked out. This goal is still a little too vague as stated, so my first step will be to determine what I consider to be a “modest-to-moderate” amount of these things, and set my limits. A true behavior-change strategy would likely include a tracking scheme, but I really don’t want to make it so hard or annoying for myself. I’ll be satisfied if I can establish a general sense that I’ve achieved these cutbacks. I’ll probably fail for this reason.

3. To get to work between 9:00 and 9:15.  Lately my arrivals at the office have inched all the way up to (and sometimes past) 9:30.  While I haven’t gotten in trouble at all, it makes me feel lame and sets too hectic a tone for the day.

4. To read more books.  My reading of books tends to happen in phases, where I’ll read several books over the span of a few months, then happen upon one that I think sucks, and stop reading books at all for several months, until I somehow end up reading something that I think is awesome again. My goal is not necessarily read at any particular pace, but rather, on any day that I feel compelled to spend some time just reading, I already have a book picked out, or one I’m already reading.  This way I can’t say, “Well I have nothing to read except gmail, facebook, and the 10 most emailed from the New York Times.” Right now, I’m 2/3 way through Haruki Murakami’s “The Wind-up Bird Chronicle,” and 2 chapters into Nicholas Kristof’s “Half the Sky: turning opression into opportunity for women worldwide”.  This second one I will probably have a lot to say about in the next several weeks.

5. To make a new good friend in 2010.  Because I want to.

2009 and the Aughts

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As I sit here twiddling my thumbs, having just eaten dinner but determining that it’s just a bit too early to put on my sequin dress to go out for the night, like a lot of people I’m thinking about the last year, and this year, the last decade.

Having drinks with a friend a few nights ago, remarking at the turn of the decade and how fast it all went, I said more or less off the cuff that I’d rather be where I am now than where I was 10 years ago. Thinking about that, I’ve decided that’s really true and that I must be doing something right if that’s the case.  When it turned the year 2000, I was a freshman in high school.  It was an exciting year, but a tough one, too.  A lot of things changed.  I believe this was the first year in which I fell in love — as misguided as that love may have been — and the first year I thoroughly got my heart broken. I wasn’t getting along with my parents or anyone in my family really (it would be maybe a year before I really hit it off with Molly, and more years still before I learned to get along with Man Ting, and then finally my parents).  My self esteem was definitely lower.

In the last 10 years, I went to high school and graduated a happier person than when I had started, though there would be some real lows along the way.  I can’t quite say I graduated college happier than when I started, because my first week of college was probably the happiest of my life up until that point.  There would be some serious lows in those four years, too, but I can surely say that after them, I was way more confident in my ability to take on life, to experience pain and bounce back, to love and accept love, to do less than all my assigned reading and to skip classes without feeling guilty about it, and indeed, to impress others enough for them to give me a job.

Since college, I would say meeting Steve is the single best thing to have happened to me.  Sparing any readers a lot of gushy love stuff, I’ll just say that September 2008 was the most fun I’ve had and the happiest I’d been since that aforementioned first week of college.  I’m finishing out the decade more in love and securely enjoying a relationship than I thought possible. Aside from that, I’m self-sufficient, I have a job, I have a loving family and some really important (to me, that is) friends.


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Now I haven’t posted in quite some time now, but I have to say that the claims over the last 2 days that Sotomayor would be unable as a Supreme Court judge to decide cases impartially, given her background, is a complete load of crap.

The question isn’t whether she can be impartial, but why people seem to think that anyone else, even the age-old arbiters of objectivity and unadultered rationality (white men! yeah right….) would be impartial.  I can hear just about every Anthropology, Feminist philosophy, Psychology, and gender studies professor I ever had in college grinding their teeth over the fact that a Latina Woman now stands a really good chance of becoming the first to sit on the Supreme Court, and all the Right can do is claim that her backgroud, her culture (!), her race and her sex give her a bias that presupposes her being able to reach the same conclusion she would if she where white and a man.   Anyone with color and/or a vagina obviously has some axe to grind over the supposed patriarchy that haunted their past and made it harder for them to get ahead.  Why?  Because they have a Culture!  And not the kind where you powder your whig and go to the opera.  But the kind that forms a shadowy film of subjectivity over your every observation and interaction with the world.  White men on the other hand, are culture-free, seeing all realities with perfect Cartesian clarity.

It’s tragic and I imagine Sotamayor herself has to be be frustrated by the irony — that a supremely educated, culturally sensitive, experienced judge finds herself before a group of right-wing men expecting her to convince them that her background and her experience mean nothing when she makes decisions.  I really really give it to her for trying to explain the nuance of her earlier statements on being a “wise Latina woman” rather than denying  it has any bearing at all.  But Oh. My. Heavens.  College freshmen understand this shit better than Jeff Sessions.

What I learned Today: Margaritas!

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To my utter delight, I’ve just become informed that true, authentic margaritas are made from only 3 ingredients: Tequila, Tripel Sec/Cointreau, and lime juice.  That is, NO sugar.  I’ve always liked my drinks as unsweet as possible, so the more tart a margarita, the better I like it.  Last night, Taly had a garden party to welcome Spring to Hoboken, and made margaritas this way, with zero sweetener. I said they were amazing, and she said she’d been reading on the internet that this is how they’re “supposed” to be made.  And sure enough, the perfect margarita.

They also put me in a coma by 10pm.